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Designstripe pioneers a revolutionary blend of Artificial Intelligence and human creativity, solving the age-old challenge of marrying good design with compelling content. In this new era dominated by Artificial Intelligence, Designstripe stands as a beacon, offering businesses a seamless fusion of technology and artistry.

Designstripe pionnier dans l'art de marier intelligemment l'intelligence artificielle et la créativité humaine, résolvant ainsi le défi séculaire d'allier un bon design à un contenu captivant. Dans cette nouvelle ère dominée par l'intelligence artificielle, Designstripe se présente comme un phare, offrant aux entreprises une fusion harmonieuse de la technologie et de l'art.


Through our innovative approach, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital age, fostering a harmonious relationship between creativity and technology. Designstripe's transformation signifies a paradigm shift, redefining the essence of design and content in this age of everything A.I.


The new photo art direction displays the vibrant energy of the brand while keeping an authentic and raw feeling.


Tech companies work in sprints. But we need to have a marathon spirit. We produced everything a runner needs to compete for their second annual retreat, from socks to technical shirts. Let's keep the team hydrated.


New identity. New website
In the wake of the accelerating A.I. wave, the very essence of the enterprise has undergone a profound metamorphosis. A seismic shift in focus was necessitated, birthing a groundbreaking service that not only redefines our purpose but also reshapes the very core of our business ethos. This transformative journey has brought forth a compelling narrative of adaptability and innovation, propelling us toward uncharted territories with unwavering determination.

This spirit of transformation did not merely stop at the services; it transcended into the very fabric of their digital presence. Aesthetically reimagined, it beckons visitors into a realm of possibility and innovation. The color palette, once a diverse spectrum, now exudes confidence through subtlety, weaving a narrative of maturity and refinement.



CEO : François Arbour 
Head of Brand and Communication: Vincent Ramsay-Lemelin LEAD VISUAL DESIGNER : Virginie Malette MOTION DESIGN: Nguyen Duy Cuong PHOTO: Chris MacArthur

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